Import From Mexico

With a GDP of 1.258 billion dollars, Mexico is now a major competitor, as an exporter, against fellow South American counterpart Brazil. With its ideal positioning between North and Latin America, Mexico bridges the gap between two of the world’s largest continent.


Mexico is renowned for exporting all kinds of goods including: vehicles, electronic equipment, machines (engines and pumps), oil, medical and technical equipment and furniture. As an emerging and member of the MINT economies, Cross Ocean Shipping, has identified Mexico (the M in MINT) as a strong destination to offer both import and export services to the region.


Importing from Mexico is something outside of the mainstream, however, with our well connected freight forwarding services we can offer peace of mind as we can confidently ship your products to and from Mexico via Altamira and Veracruz.


Whilst Europe is heavily focused upon importing from growing economies, Mexico acts as viable option to export your products to. Over recent years Mexico has significantly increased its export markets boosting its overall growth to almost 4% across all trades. Moreover, trade between the Europe Middle East and Mexico is also currently experiencing huge growth with bilateral trade in 2013 standing at a staggering 3.3 billion pounds. Ultimately, this underlines why Cross Ocean Shipping Co has identified this route as a perfect candidate for moving your cargo across the Atlantic.


TEU from the country was last measured at 4.9 million in 2013 meaning importing and exporting from Mexico is now a significant part of sourcing products from overseas. Whether you are experienced or new to shipping from the region, Cross Ocean can be your Shipper of choice for your supply chain management support.